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Hi-Rise, your partner for complete packaging solutions, offers a wide range of packaging products from display packaging like litho boxes, flexo boxes, and corrugated point of purchase display to protective packaging like foam cushioning, bubble bags and wooden crates .

Hi-Rise´s focus is on design and innovation. We are not just another packaging supplier. We are providing solutions to customers so that they can save millions of dollars on manpower, designing cost and of course freight and storage cost.

Assembly — helps customer save space and manpower

Design — through designing , we optimized packaging materials use lightweight packaging materials to helps significantly reduce freight .

Innovation — constantly looking for innovative ideas and new packaging materials to benefit our customers.


Hi-Rise shall be the global partner for complete packaging solutions.


We are a green initiative company and we strongly recommend to customers environmentally friendly packaging products . Our packaging designs are also driven by "Reduce" & "Reuse". Reduce in packaging material means reduce in waste. Whenever we have the opportunity, we will introduce reusable packaging to the customers.

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